LiddUp®, LLC’s secret weapon is an LED (light emitting diode) lighting system that provides interior lighting to a cooler, even when it is fully loaded, in the absence of ambient light. By utilizing this patented technology to illuminate the cooler’s contents, we’ve successfully enhanced both accessibility and visibility to provide a vastly improved version of this common product found in millions of households around the world. You wouldn’t buy a refrigerator without lights, would you? So why purchase another cooler without a built-in lighting system?

The LiddUp Difference:

  • Patented interior and exterior lighting systems
  • Open-activated LED technology (no switch flipping!)
  • 360° interior visibility
  • Non-heat producing task lighting
  • Does not compromise space, insulation or temperature retention
  • Allows for full visibility even when the cooler is fully loaded
  • 100% shock-resistant and fully waterproof

Why LEDs?

LEDs have many advantages over traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen light bulbs. While other bulbs utilize more space, produce heat and require more power, LEDs are non-heat emitting light sources that make it possible for your food and beverages to remain fresh and chilled at all times. And these bad boys are powered by standard batteries for up to 2 years of regular cooler usage, and can be easily changed just like the batteries on a remote control.

Additional benefits of LEDs include:

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Longer life span and durability
  • Smaller size that do not take space
  • Faster switching
  • Ability for color customization