Do you love hosting friends and family for get-togethers and parties? One common problem you run into when throwing a big party is lack of fridge space. Thankfully, the Party Bar powered by LiddUp is here to solve that pesky issue!

Boasting plenty of storage space and cutting-edge features, there is simply no better party cooler than the LiddUp Party Bar.

No Shortage of Space

The Party Bar has more than enough capacity to make up for space lost in a crowded fridge when throwing a party. More precisely, you will have enough extra space to hold 212 12oz. cans!

The cooler is deep enough to allow 2-liter bottles to stand upright in the 125 quart storage space. The Party Bar also comes with 2 dividers that allow you to divide the storage area into separate sections for even more customization

Party Friendly Features

Aside from being able to keep all your drinks cold, the Party Bar is loaded with convenient features that make it even more useful than an average cooler.

A built-in bottle opener eliminates the need for guests to fumble blind through drawers whenever they need to pop the top on a pry-off bottle. Sturdy wheels allow for easy relocation without requiring lifting, while lockable casters keep the Party Bar securely in place.

When the cooler is not situated in the wheeled base, Cool Riser technology keeps the cooler off the ground to allow air to pass beneath it, keeping the contents of the Party Bar as cool as possible

Complete Visibility At All Times

The Party Bar Powered by LiddUp utilizes patented interior LED lighting technology to provide 360-degree visibility even in the dark. The lights inside the Party Bar do not produce heat and allow anyone at your party too find exactly what they are looking for with ease.

The batteries that power the interior lighting system are totally interchangeable and can run continuously for up for 40 hours!

Keep Your Party Going with the Party Bar

The next time you are looking to host a fun-filled party packed with friends and family, remember the LiddUp Party Bar is here to take some of the stress off of your fridge.

Purchase your Party Bar today!