We’re frequently asked how long the 35-quart ORCA LiddUp cooler holds ice. The short answer is 7-10 days, but maximizing ice retention depends on a number of things:

The conditioning of the cooler

We recommend chilling your cooler 12-24 hours before your excursion. Dropping a single bag of ice in there should do the trick. When you’re ready to take off on your adventure, toss in your items and some fresh ice and you’ll be good to go.

It’s worth mentioning that the word “cooler” is a bit of a misnomer — coolers don’t cool things insomuch as they simply retain temperature. The ability of any cooler to retain extreme temperature depends largely on its construction and the amount of insulation.

A cooler with .75″ insulation, for example, will not retain temperatures as well as a cooler with 2.75″ of insulation.

How often you open the cooler

This one’s pretty straightforward. Every time you open your cooler, you introduce whatever the outside temperature is. For that reason you should never leave your cooler open for an extended period of time.

LiddUp was actually created for this very purpose. Because you can always see exactly what you’re grabbing (thanks to our patented LED lighting system), you’ll spend less time digging around for your favorite drink — less time with the cooler open, letting heat in.

Where you keep your cooler

Whenever you can, store your cooler somewhere in the shade, away from direct sunlight.

The ORCA LiddUp cooler (on sale for $279.99) was designed with all of these things in mind: insulation, construction, and high-quality materials. With a roomy 35-quart capacity, you can keep everything you need cool — and keep it cool longer.