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LiddUp currently has 3 coolers in production.

LiddUp’s secret weapon is an LED (light emitting diode) lighting system that provides interior lighting to a cooler, even when it is fully loaded, in the absence of ambient light. By utilizing this patented technology to illuminate the cooler’s contents, we’ve successfully enhanced both accessibility and visibility to provide a vastly improved version of this common product found in millions of households around the world. You wouldn’t buy a refrigerator without lights, would you? So why purchase another cooler without a built-in lighting system?

LiddUp is now partnered with two of the world’s leading cooler manufacturers to bring you the best coolers that’ll take you from day to night, with at least 40 hours to spare. All LiddUp coolers feature our patented interior lighting systems, easy switching for light activation, non-heat producing task lighting, full visibility even when the cooler is fully loaded, water resistant lighting with interchangeable batteries that lasts up to 40 continuous hours!

Check out all our available coolers below!


Our first product with ORCA Coolers features a 35-quart storage capacity, maximum ice/cold retention, and a cargo net attachment for added storage.

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LiddUp Trailmate

The LiddUp Trailmate has a 70qt capacity and can keep 112 12oz beverage cans cold with Ultratherm® Technology built into the body and lid.

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LiddUp Party Bar

Party on from day into night with this innovative 125-quart lighted cooler, featuring our exclusive LiddUp® LED light system to illuminate contents when darkness falls and let thirsty guests quickly find what they want.

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